Cade, Cade, Cade

i can finally say his name out loud!
wait, i meant,
i can finally type his name into the blogosphere!

this is Cade.
and we love him.
the story of how he came to be is coming soon.

once my head can organize the beginnings of this into complete sentences.
or, as is mostly the case in my writings,
complete phrases.

for now,
can we all agree that puppy-induced 
Wet Willies are both hilarious 
and foul at the same time?

i believe we can.


  1. What a wonderful journey this will be :)

  2. lus...he is just too precious for words! ahhh! that silky smoothness we call his ears :) i just want to load him up with kisses and you with hugs! thanks for sharing your journey with us friend!

  3. My new fuzzy grandson!!! He's adorable and you are an amazing, strong woman. Love ya.


  4. Natalie Razavi12/19/2011 12:24 AM

    K-what a BEAUTY (you) and what an adorable, velvety ball of sweetness! Cade doesn't know what a lucky little man he is to get to journey with you! I am honored to know you and to get to read your precious thoughts (cuss words included). I love you.

  5. Ahem. Sister? Forgive the run-on sentence, but... I just re-visited this post and would you please look once more at those paws in the last picture they were gigantic and still are thank you very much and goodbye.