life together

among other things,
Cader Cade is adjusting to life here in Stroesslerland. 

very, very well, I might add. 

catching some Inside the American Mob with me on a Friday night. 
we are living large, people. 

family cookout at the Nana & the Jaj's. brilliantly placed to shark some of the food that my Boomps may or may not drop on the floor while he eats. 

my favorite moment so far. at our favorite breakfast place, right around noon (have you MET my boys?) with sweet Cade asleep on my foot underneath the table. life is good. 

hanging out with Jim Gaffigan. 
I haven't laughed that hard since ... well ... probably since his last show. I was sweating and out of the ability to breathe or make the classic Karin Laugh we all know. 
again, Cade was mostly asleep on my foot underneath. 
a shame, too. 
it was a damn good show. 

snuggle up. 

today's fun: trying out the new dog bed we scored off groupon. 

it was major summer thunderstorms all day, rendering my body fairly irritated. 

Shu, Cade & I, however, nailed the Rainy Day, Lazy Day program to the wall. movies, books, Kongs, planes & cars, more movies, jammies until Mark got home from work.

we are amazing at Rainy Days. 

I mean...

...what is this life I have right now?

what a gift. 
your love & support to bring me here does not escape me, kids. 

as Shua would say,
my heart's so "freaking full."

I don't know where he learned to talk like that......

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  1. There's so much to love about this post. Your usage of damn, I mean and "so freaking full" and of course your adorable Shua, Cade and your awesomeness....I love.