our first trip south

It's just before 9pm,

I'm already curled up in bed.

Reason 1: Downton Abbey on PBS starts in 8 min.
So, so hooked.

Reason 2: Joshua and I are hitting the road bright and early tomorrow.

The Nana, Shu, my brother Kurt and his darling baby, Sean and I are heading down to the big VA to visit with Kim, her fam, and Cade.

So, so excited.

We are making an adjustment to our normal route in order to swing through the booming metropolis of Mt. Gilead, OH. The lovely women at Service Dogs of Virginia called to ask if we could transport a new dog, with hopes she'll become a part of the Autism Service Dog program. Her name is Tessa and she's an adorable little tri-color dog. She is about 4 years old, a rescued Bernese/Aussie mix pup that I'm told is incredibly affectionate and sweet. Poor thing had better like people-- she's about to make the trip with a truckload!

Speaking of which, thanks to Kristen and Jeff for the loan of the larger truck! We'll be using ever last square inch of it!

Cade's Puppy Class is on Tuesday morning. We are so looking forward to seeing what his new tricks of the trade are :)

Check back for pictures this week!!

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