learning to Click

the type of training Kim is using for our little Cade is called Clicker Training. i am still very much in the process of learning. the main idea of the clicker is to tell the dog exactly when he's achieved the behavior you are requesting. 

the very first step in this type of training is called Charging the Clicker-- teaching the dog that when he hears the 'click!' there is a treat coming his way. 

click! treat! click! treat! click! treat!

building from there, you can slowly shape the pup's behaviors. they learn to keep thinking, keep problem-solving until they hear that lovely, rewarding click. its an amazing thing to see his little 15 week brain working things out.

in this video, i am teaching Cade how to lay down. you'll hear me say the cue "down," but when i first started with him, i wasn't saying a word. i held the treat on the floor, under my crooked knee to lure him into a down position. once his body hit the floor, click! only after he grasped what i wanted from him did i start using the cue "down." its such a cool process.