gratefulness abounds

my cup overflows.

mark and i have had so many people step forward in our lives in recent months, so many have leapt forward in these recent days, to make this dream a reality. a reality that i really, truly didn't think could happen for me. sometimes even should happen for me.

you know how this girl can get: all second-guessy and intimidated by love that is greater than her, weirded out by accepting the help she so willingly doles out.

but i've been trying to learn, and i've been available to this whole falutin' process. it has felt lengthy yet rapid, like it would never end yet the time flew by. and now? now, all of a sudden, i am leaving in two days for my Transfer Camp. the details are pouring in, making my head spin and causing mild to moderate breathing issues :)

this is such a gift from you. this chunk of time spent away from everything else in life- just mark and me- learning all we need to know for our lives with this beautiful dog.

thank you, to all of you.
your support means more than i could ever do justice with words.

much love, kids.
we'll talk soon.

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