feeling better is so much nicer than, you know, not feeling better.

I'm very sure you needed me to explain that. 

I'm here for you, guys, with my incredibly sound and intelligent statements. 
Here. For. You. 

a few pictures to catch you up on CampityCamp:

Cade and I have worked on life with a scooter. We also now have a new tethering system on the scoot (who clearly needs a name, we're open to suggestions) so that neither he nor I need go back from whence we came on Tuesday. thank you Kim and Janet and Lauren and your combined brain powers. my rotator cuffs thank you, too. 

Mark loves to pet Cade. 

Cade loooooves to get pet by Mark. 
(another casualty to Gingeritis.)

or is the Ginger just buying his way into Cade's heart??

my little hero can open big, heavy doors for me.

he can also sleep VERY well. 
he's a Stroessler, after all.

Cader can also help me get my toddler fix. He's so sweet on these meet & greets.

here is a short clip of us practicing him picking up something I drop. In this one, its my wallet.

and just in case you need a Shua fix...
I know I do!!
here is a video we were sent today.
look what he's learned to do on his Blast!
my preface contains two bits of ShuFact:
1.) he was barely putting his face in the water when Mark & I left OH.
2.) just two days ago, he came up from underwater, wearing the goggles he has owned for two summers now, looked at Madison and exclaimed, "Madi! You can SEE UNDERWATER with these things on!"
(not real, real sure what he thought they were for... but that's a whole other post. probably a whole other blog...writer...Internet...)

tonight we head to Janet's house for a fun cookout and playtime. 

my brain is growing increasingly fried, so this will be a welcome break.
expect plenty of pictures.
labs, Bernese Mountain dogs, a Great Dane puppy...


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